Men’s Weight Loss and Fat Burning Supplements

Why take a fat burner ?

There comes a moment in the life of almost every man if not all  of us when we look in the mirror and we say to ourselves: “that extra layer of fat has to go”. There are different approaches to achieve this goal, some opt to go the long way of hitting the gym where a lot of hard work and consistency is required. Now let me be frank, this is the RIGHT way to do it. The honest thing is there really isn’t an easy way of doing it, you need to put in the time and effort. What you can do is, speed up this process by taking fat burning supplements.

While critics may find reasons to call the use of such supplements a quick fix for the less committed, it is right to say that people are different as far as shedding and gaining weight is concerned. Some people don’t have to put in any effort to gain weight, but when it comes to losing it, that’s a different matter. For other people, losing weight in the desire of having that toned look has never been a challenge.

Besides, other factors including genetic and environmental ones may have something to do with one’s body fat percentage. In addition to including fat burning foods into your diet, you could also consume quality weight loss supplements that will help you overcome the hurdles in cutting weight and reducing the amount of fat in your body by inhibiting the fat-storage processes.

Types of Fat Loss Supplements

Understanding the available types of supplements that can aid you in your quest to lose weight will not only help you get the right product for you but also give you a wide perspective when you go shopping. Most of these supplements are grouped into categories including the following:

Appetite Suppressants

These supplements cause a decrease in cravings as well as remove the feeling of being hungry. As a result, you will eat less, thereby forcing the body to burn fat to use it as energy substitutes. Some of the common appetite suppressants are Garcinia Cambosia and Hoodia Gordonii.

Hormone Boosters

These are natural boosters made in a way that they optimize testosterone, HGH, and other hormone levels while promoting low body fat and boosts the mass of the muscles. Such supplements include ingredients such as terrestris, maca root, tongkat Ali, and tribulus.


These supplements are packed with compounds that aid in breaking down fat when the body’s metabolic process is taking place. They are choline, betain, methionine and inositol.


These supplements work by increasing the body’s temperature through speeding up metabolism. They are efficient in burning fat and may cause a decrease in appetite level. Many stimulants are thermogenic, but it will be erroneous to say that all thermogenics are stimulants. Examples of products with thermogenic ingredients are capsaicin which is derived from pepper, green coffee bean extract, and green tea extract among others.

Men vs. Women

The differences in physiological processes in males and females cause their bodies to burn fat at different rates. For instance, men’s bodies because of higher testosterone are bigger and have more muscles than those of women. This is the main reason why men have generally a lower body fat and why they lose weight faster when compared to women. Also, muscle consumes more calories than fat, and the fact that men have a high muscle to fat ratio makes burning calories for them easier than it is for females.

The rate at which men increase muscles is significantly higher than women owing to the natural production of androgens by their bodies. With all factors kept constant, fat burning supplements will work as efficiently in men as they do in women if not better.

Research to be well informed

Before you go shopping it is always advisable that you conduct your own research to be well informed. While on it, you will realize that some of the top products recommended by many people have more than one of the supplements discussed earlier. It follows logically that these are the most effective products that you can rely on to lose weight.

Many fat-burning supplements designed for men are in supply these days. Some have shown desirable results while others have been a disappointment to some people. Among the brands that have made it to my list include the following:

It is possible to get confused with the overwhelming load of information available on the web. Therefore, to make your search more specific and goal orientated, take your time to check out my review. I will provide you with a list of the products that deserve mentioning and trial.


There is an increase in the number of guys who want to get the perfect body. Gone are the days when people were not concerned about their physical fitness. Better yet, the quest to get the desired body shape has received a boost thanks to the fat burning supplements. They provide a shortcut that many have been looking for.

The benefits of using these supplements are many. For one, they increase your metabolism and force your body to use energy from burning excess fat stored in the body. The result is a fit body with the desired shape and muscle mass. Moreover, this fat burner for men makes the process of slimming faster than would otherwise be the case. You can go longer in the gym since the supplements also provides the extra energy you need.

You could take advantage of these included energy-boosting ingredients in the supplements before hitting the gym, running, cycling and other activities just so that you can double the benefit. With that said, you need to bear in mind that achieving the desired weight should not mark the start of your relaxing period.

  • You will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain your new weight because otherwise, if you fall back to your old habits, you will also regain those extra kilograms of fat you worked so diligently to get rid of. Keep eating healthy, working out and taking those fat burning supplements. Just keep on burning calories.